Genesis – Bold Moves

         Trish Elam Walker

I am very happy to debut my new blog. In the blog, I will feature events that I have or will be attending. But, before I get started, I wanted to let everyone know the amazing news about a new playwright who’s play made a debut at Hibernian Hall last Friday. In early April, Dillon Bustin, artistic director for Madison Park Development at Hibernian Hall announced that award winning author Tricia Elam Walker will be the 2017 Visiting Playwright, “This residency is everything! I’m ecstatic about it for a zillion reasons, among them: 1) I’m a Roxbury girl (born and bred) so it’s a homecoming in every sense of the word, 2) My writing is being celebrated and recognized, truly an artist’s dream, 3) Hibernian Hall has been consistently showcasing amazing works and thus I am humbled and honored to be included, and 4) The director is keeping me in the loop on the production and I’m learning so much. Attending the first audition almost brought me to tears as I heard the actors speak my words with so much life and energy! Beyond thrilling!,” said Walker. Walker authored the acclaimed novel Breathing Room and has written for National Public Radio, The Washington Post, Essence, The Huffington Post blog and more. Prior to her career as an author and playwright, Walker practiced law in Boston and Washington, DC. She is currently serving as an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Howard University. The Roxbury native has returned to Boston and now resides in Dorchester.

Bold Moves, Walker’s first play, is a quartet of contemporary short plays about friendship, race, intimacy and responsibility that contain haunting themes and a kaleidoscope of human stories. Directed by Dillon Bustin, the people in Walker’s one act plays captivate us as they navigate and try to make sense of their complex worlds.

Needless to say, the play was amazing. Walker brought complex characters to the Hibernian Hall stage and their stories were compelling. Walker will be creating more works over the next year so stay tuned.

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